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         Manager, Administrator & Owner
         Ms. Minthikan Jantapanya
          B.S. Thammasat University
          M.S. Kasetsart University
          Dip.Eng, Shafton College, Australia
A School with an Australian tradition of quality education
     The Australian English Academy (AEA) began with a teacher's vision to provide quality education to children and adults in Thailand. This vision has been realized with the integration of an academically proven Australian curriculum and a fully equipped modern school-all designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity, and, stimulate learning. We invite you to visit our new and exciting language school, which we believe will change the way you think of education in Thailand.
Curriculum & Teaching Method
     We here at AEA believe the curriculum is an integral part of the school. We believe the curriculum should bring life and energy to the school. Our curriculum is designed with Thai children and adults in mind, for example, in the Thai education system memorization is an important part of learning. However, at AEA students do not repetitiously memorize, as in the Thai system, but memorize by example via word/picture association and by performing actions in realistic contexts. Within this modern and dynamic idea two key elements come into action, "Thinking-Centered Learning” and “Performance-Based Outcomes".
Thinking-Centered Learning
     Thinking-Centered Learning (TCL) motivates students to think about what they are learning - students are encouraged to think in English, they are encouraged to speak, listen, question, analyze, evaluate, consider, explore and problem solve. In this way students process information more efficiently via a process of cognitive thinking. Cognitive thinking is "the act or process of knowing in the broadest sense; specifically, an intellectual process by which knowledge is gained from perception or ideas" (Webster's Dictionary). Ultimately, via this process students become proficient speakers of English in a normal and natural way.
Performance-Based Outcomes

     Performance-Based Outcomes (PBO) encourages students to participate in their learning process-they learn to be implementers and performers, planners and designers, creators and producers, learners and thinkers, listeners and communicators. In this way students are not only learning English but 'performing' English via role-play and other specially designed activities.

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