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Untitled Document SPECIAL PROMOTION สมัครเรียนคอร์สสนทนากับอาจารย์ชาวต่างชาติเรียนตลอดปีจ่ายเพียง 13,000 บาท กลุ่มละไม่เกิน 6 คน รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมติดต่อ 02-9210124 !!!
Kanjanakorn, Surveillance Coordinator, Thailand MOPH-U.S. CDC COLLABORATION
"Firstly, teacher Max asked us about our reason to study English. He then prepared the topics that assisted us to practice every aspect of English. Weve learnt many interesting topics in class and teacher also encourages students to speak English. Teacher Max always says, dont be shy."
Preeyaporn, Product Specialist, Sanoti-Aventis Company
"Teacher encourages me to think and speak in English. I can ask him questions any time I want and the topics are Interesting as well, which makes this school different from other schools I have learnt at before. I really enjoy the classes and want to study with teacher Max all the time!"
Natachai, Assistance Manager, Hitachi Technology
"Teacher Max is kind and considerate. He always prepares interesting and up to date topics for the students in our group. Class is also fun and never serious I really enjoy learning with teacher Max."
Sukanya, Masters Student, Asian Institute of Technology
"The teacher chose books that are appropriate to my learning needs. More specifically, His teaching methods assist me to improve the weakest part of my English. He is also attentive and discusses many topics with me in the classroom. I believe he does that to assist me to feel more confident."
Dudsadee, Environmental Officer, Thai Government
"Classes are fun and lighthearted. The topics that we do are interesting and diverse. We talk a lot and discuss about our ideas and opinions in class. Its fun because we can sometimes choose our own topics. My listening skills have improved very much."
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